Egmont is a leading Nordic media group with a dual purpose. We bring stories to life through TV, films, games, books, magazines and more, and at the same time, we support children and young people at risk in pursuing a good life.

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Dreng der blæser sæbebobler

Support for children and young people

As a enterprise foundation, we support children and youth at risk in completing an education so they can create a good life. Each year, we use around 100 million DKK from the profits of our media business to help children and young people in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, so they can have a safe start in life and a positive school experience where they thrive, learn, and are part of the community.

Elg i en skov
©Avalanche Studios: from the game theHunter: Call of the Wild

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We bring stories life that have significance for people and society. Through means such as TV, film, games, books, magazines, we are driven by stories that enlighten, entertain, inspire, educate, and push for change.

Børn i skole
Support for children and young people
Strengthens the learning and life skills of children and young people

Only 3 out of 10 children at risk pass the public school's final examination in 9th grade. Therefore, the Egmont Foundation started Learn for Life in 2012, which today is a successful learning program.

Krigsrapporter foran brændende bygning
Strong stories
TV 2 is present even when war rages

As Norway’s only commercial public service broadcaster, TV 2 has a great social responsibility. The media house takes on this responsibility when journalists and photographers are needed on the front lines of war and among civilians in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Billede fra filmen Ustyrlig
Strong stories
The film that led to an official apology

Between 1923 and 1961, around 500 women were sent to the women’s institution on the Danish island Sprogø against their will. In the wake of the film Unruly produced by Nordisk Film, the Danish government issued an official apology to the women.

Kamera foran LEDscene
Innovative Business
Innovative film and series production with Nordisk Film’s LED stage

The future of film production has moved into the heart of Nordisk Film, which is home to the first full 360° LED stage in the Nordics. Here, film and series makers have endless opportunities to tell stories in an innovative, creative and more sustainable way. 

Kameramand på location
Go to work and make a difference

Our stories and work matter to people and society. Through our stories, we create experiences and bring important voices out into the world, while in our charitable work, we make a difference for the children and young people who struggle the most. When you work at Egmont, you are contributing to making an impact on our society.