As an enterprise foundation, part of Egmont’s profits goes to support children and young people at risk in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We are committed to ensuring a good childhood and teenage life, which equip all children and young people to complete a youth education and pursue a good life.  

Dreng der blæser sæbebobler

In Scandinavia, we have equal access to education – but not equal opportunity to complete an education. Many children and young people at risk do not pass the primary school final exam in the 9th grade. In Denmark, for example, only 3 out of 10 children at risk pass the exam.

The inequality we see early in childhood can affect people throughout life. We wish to contribute to breaking that pattern. That is why we support the children and young people who are struggling the most. Those who grow up in poverty or are placed outside the home. Those who find it particularly hard to learn, who live with illness or have social challenges. Our key issues cover all stages of childhood and youth life, from the children are born until they are young adults well embarked on a youth education. 

We are committed to ensuring that all children and young people have a safe start in life and a good time in school where they thrive, learn and are part of the community. The objective is for everyone to complete a youth education so that they have the tools to pursue a good life.

Focus areas

Egmont supports through organizations


The Egmont Foundation supports children and young people at risk in collaboration with other organisations. If you are a private individual – and not part of an organisation or institution – you cannot apply for support from Egmont for yourself, your family or friends.

However, Egmont provides direct support to families and children with special needs, but that is distributed by our partner organisations. This support is called ‘A Helping Hand’ and is distributed by the Danish Mothers’ Aid Organisation, Red Cross Denmark, the Danish Children’s Aid Foundation, Danish Peoples’ Aid, the Danish Social Responsibility Foundation, The Danish Continuation School Association, the Swedish City Mission Movement and the Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association. 

Read more on the organisations’ own websites.


from our foundation support

We bring stories to life that matter to people and society. Through our support for children and young people, we help to enlighten, inspire, and push for changes.

Børn i skole
Support for children and young people
Strengthens the learning and life skills of children and young people

Only 3 out of 10 children at risk pass the public school's final examination in 9th grade. Therefore, the Egmont Foundation started Learn for Life in 2012, which today is a successful learning program.

Pige og bedstemor i seng
Support for children and young people
All children deserve a safe childhood

De Anbragtes Vilkår (an organisation working with children in care) works to improve the living conditions for children and young people who are placed outside the home. Egmont has supported since the inception, and today De Anbragtes Vilkår is a respected organisation whose voice is heard all the way to the Danish Parliament.

Barn der cykler
Support for children and young people
All children deserve a good childhood

A Christmas without gifts, a summer without activities, or an ordinary evening without food on the table. This is the reality for many children in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, who grow up in economic poverty. Through Egmont's program 'En Håndsrækning' (in English A Helping Hand), we collaborate with organisations such as Sveriges Stadsmissioner (in English Swedish City Mission Movement, who are closely acquainted with children, young people, and families living in economic poverty.

The Origin of the Egmont Foundation

The story of the Egmont Foundation begins with the entrepreneur Egmont Harald Petersen. He grew up in poverty, as the son of a single mother and was placed in foster care for part of his childhood.

Egmont Harald Petersen never forgot where he came from. After his death in 1914, he bequeathed that part of the company's profit should be used for philanthropic purposes. In 1920, Egmont's wish became a reality when his widow, Elisabeth, and their five children established the Egmont Foundation. Thereby, the company became an enterprise foundation with the purpose of operating a commercial business and improving the lives of poor and vulnerable children and families.

We have a strong commitment through our charter to give back to the community. Therefore, all profits go towards developing our media and assisting children and young people at risk.