After more than 100 years of providing support as a foundation, we know that we can make the biggest difference by contributing more than money. That is why we combine our financial support with various activities. We support children and young people to be seen and heard. In this way, we work in several ways to create better conditions for the children and young people who struggle the most.

Børn i skole

The inequality we see early on in children’s lives can have a lifelong impact. We wish to contribute to breaking that pattern. We are therefore committed to ensuring that all young people can complete a youth education. This requires an early and long-term effort, both for the individual child, the family, and the surrounding environment.

We support children and young people in being seen and heard. We generate new knowledge. We contribute to cross-sectoral networks. And we set agendas that can push for systemic changes.

Everything we do starts with children, young people and their needs. That is why we work to ensure that professionals and decision-makers involve children and young people at risk to a greater and better extent and that their voices and perspectives are heard. Children and young people can contribute with important knowledge and experience that must be considered, both in relation to their own development and the development of society as a whole.

That is why we also support organisations that give a voice to children and young people. And we encourage those who get support to consider how they can involve children and young people where relevant.