At Egmont, we take responsibility for how we conduct our business. That is why we have policies and guidelines for our work. These are essential to ensure a uniform, responsible approach to business ethics, handling of information and data and social responsibility across our business areas and markets.

Gangbro i Vognmagergade

Egmont’s policy for responsible business practices lays down clear guidelines and expectations for all employees. The policy covers a number of key legal and ethical areas such as bribery, conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, competition law, fraud, marketing law, data protection, piracy and illegal use of content, human rights and the environment. At Egmont, we also expect everyone to behave properly and treat each other with respect. Employees, business partners and third parties can use Egmont’s Whistleblowing System to raise concerns about possible misconduct or unacceptable behaviour on Egmont’s part.

As a modern media group, the use of technology and innovative solutions is essential for us to develop and remain relevant to the modern consumer. Here information and data are necessary tools. Egmont therefore has a responsibility to handle data in a responsible and ethical manner in accordance with applicable law. Our GDPR and information security policies are in place to ensure that everyone at Egmont considers both security and ethics when processing data.

Responsible business practices and ethics are not limited to employees. At Egmont, we focus on responsible supply chain management, product safety, quality and proper production environments.  We therefore aim to ensure that all relevant business partners, suppliers and selected subcontractors undertake to work in accordance with Egmont’s Code of Conduct. Among other things, the Code of Conduct establishes that we do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery, and that business partners must ensure fair treatment of their employees.

Egmont’s Social Compliance Programme defines how suppliers and selected subcontractors must comply with Egmont’s Code of Conduct to ensure both ethical and social standards as well as applicable legislation in the area. Third-party manufacturers’ social compliance is ensured through social audits, ongoing dialogue and inspections. As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, Egmont is committed to identifying and addressing any violations and breaches of human and labour rights internally as well as at our suppliers to ensure that all our products are produced in accordance with applicable ethical and social standards.