Our game companies, united under Nordisk Games, create outstanding gaming experiences for millions of consumers worldwide. Nordisk Interactive is also a long-standing partner of Sony PlayStation in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

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©Avalanche Studios: from the game theHunter: Call of the Wild

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We bring stories to life that matter to people and society. Through TV, film, games, books, magazines and more, we are driven by stories that enlighten, entertain, inspire, educate, and push for change.

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Strong stories
Horror games as interactive movies

Supermassive Games creates captivating gaming experiences that grip gamers and horror aficionados worldwide by using Hollywood actors, engaging storylines filled with terror, intriguing character universes, and cinematic techniques.

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Strong stories
Always exploring new hunting grounds

Avalanche Studios Group is behind one of the most popular hunting games to date – theHunter: Call of the Wild. Since its release in 2017, Avalanche’s creative division Expansive Worlds has continuously improved the hunting experience through regular updates, community feedback, and content releases.