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Horror games as interactive movies

Supermassive Games creates captivating gaming experiences that grip gamers and horror aficionados worldwide by using Hollywood actors, engaging storylines filled with terror, intriguing character universes, and cinematic techniques. 

Strong stories

Supermassive Games' approach to game development significantly draws from elements that traditionally captivate movie audiences - compelling narratives, performances from favorite actors, atmospheric music, and eye-catching visual effects. This influence prominently features in their interactive horror games like Until Dawn, The Quarry, and the game series The Dark Pictures Anthology. Through advanced facial scanning technology, they have incorporated portrayals by real-life figures such as Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere and Ashley Tisdale into their games - an impressive feat that effectively translates an actor’s appearance, voice, and performance into the gaming universe. 

While maintaining the importance of gameplay, like other game studios, Supermassive Games introduces a unique emphasis on narrative. Drawing inspiration largely from film and TV, some of their games are designed with open structures; thus player's choices and actions intricately shape the narratives and endings. This creates an engaging blend of interactive storytelling within dynamic gameplay settings. 

“It is only when cameras, lighting, audio, performance, and the environment all comes together, all influenced by cinema that it starts to work” says Tom Heaton, Game Director, Supermassive Games 

The gaming universe is shaped employing cinematic techniques including camera techniques, lighting, sound design, and soundtrack you often only find in film or TV. 

Comprised of 350 dedicated employees passionate about weaving innovative narratives within their titles; in 2022 they became part of Nordisk Film Games who provide long-term financing, support, and challenging mentorship further ensuring the best games from each affiliated studio.


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