Nordisk Film is one of the oldest film companies in the world. Through our own and associated production companies and partners, we produce and distribute award-winning films, commercial blockbusters and popular series from the Nordic region and internationally.   

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We bring stories to life that matter to people and society. Through TV, film, games, books, magazines and more, we are driven by stories that enlighten, entertain, inspire, educate, and push for change.

Den Grænseløse
Strong stories
We uphold one of Denmark’s most popular film universes

The adaptation of Jussi Adler Olsen's popular book series about Department Q has evolved into one of the most popular film franchises since Olsen Banden. To make blockbusters, a big film company like Nordisk Film, which produced, distributed and marketed the recent films in the series, The Marco Effect and Boundless, is needed. 

Kamera LED-scene
Innovative Business
Innovative film and series production with Nordisk Film’s LED stage

The future of film production has moved into the heart of Nordisk Film, which is home to the first full 360° LED stage in the Nordics. Here, film and series makers have endless opportunities to tell stories in an innovative, creative and more sustainable way.

Strong stories
The film that led to an official apology

Between 1923 and 1961, around 500 women were sent to the women’s institution on the Danish island Sprogø against their will. In the wake of the film Unruly produced by Nordisk Film, the Danish government issued an official apology to the women.