LED-scene Nordisk Film

Innovative film and series production with Nordisk Film’s LED stage

The future of film production has moved into the heart of Nordisk Film, which is home to the first full 360° LED stage in the Nordics. Here, film and series makers have endless opportunities to tell stories in an innovative, creative and more sustainable way.    

Innovative Business

Nordisk Film is at the forefront when it comes to offering the latest technological opportunities in virtual production, where digital virtual worlds blend with on-set footage. The LED stage at Nordisk Film is a giant technological leap forward that gives film and series makers brand new creative opportunities to tell stories on an international scale.  

The 360° LED stage is 16 metres in diameter and the walls and ceilings are completely covered with LED panels. The LED stage can recreate complicated settings completely lifelike with perfect reflections and naturalistic lighting. This makes it possible to shoot actors, sets and props against vivid, photorealistic, virtual backdrops – everything from alien planets and fantasy worlds to underwater locations, vast deserts and vibrant cities.

In addition to the innovative and creative opportunities that the LED stage brings, it also allows for a more cost-saving and sustainable production, as there is no need to transport large film crews around the world to shoot on location. In the course of one workday, you can shoot scenes that are taking place in many different places and countries. In addition to film and TV production, the LED stage can also be used for commercials, music videos, product launches, live events – you name it.

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