Nordisk Film operates one of the leading cinema chains in the Nordic region. Every year, we welcome millions of guests to our 46 cinemas in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which are also used for a variety of commercial purposes and special events.   


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Cinema Manager
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We bring stories to life that matter to people and society. Through TV, film, games, books, magazines and more, we are driven by stories that enlighten, entertain, inspire, educate, and push for change.

Cinemas are reducing their power consumption

Nordisk Film works continuously and determined to reduce its power consumption. The cinemas account for a large part of Nordisk Film’s, and therefore also Egmont’s, total power consumption, so great effort is therefore being made to reduce it.  

To der sidder sammen i biografen
Strong stories
Egmont invites lonely young people to the cinema

Alone – but together in the cinema. This is the idea behind the campaign Together in the cinema, which is organised by Egmont, Ventilen, Clear Channel and Nordisk Film Cinemas. The event was created to counter the increasing loneliness among young people, which, according to an analysis by the Danish Youth Council, affects almost one in three. 

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Strong stories
Award-winning cinema experiences

Nordisk Film takes pride in providing great cinema experiences for its many guests, and in 2023, it received international acclaim for its efforts with the International Exhibitor of the Year award.