To personer sammen i biografen

Egmont invites lonely young people to the cinema

Alone – but together in the cinema. This is the idea behind the campaign Together in the cinema, which is organised by Egmont, Ventilen, Clear Channel and Nordisk Film Cinemas. The event was created to counter the increasing loneliness among young people, which, according to an analysis by the Danish Youth Council, affects almost one in three. 

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The Together in the Cinema initiative aims to create meaningful communities for young people aged 15-25. Heidi Sørensen, Director at the Egmont Grants Administration, points out, “We can’t solve loneliness with a trip to the cinema alone, but it is our hope that the event can be the beginning of new relationships.” 

A digital and physical campaign, supported by Clear Channel, created visibility and awareness of the issue and invited young people to participate in a social cinema experience.  

In addition to watching movies together, the event offered a safe environment for mingling both before and after the movie, and Egmont volunteers showed the young people around.  

Avi Ohayon, IT supporter at Lindhardt og Ringhof, Egmont, saw many young people who defied their insecurities and showed up at the cinema. 

“I could see that it took a lot, but it’s so cool that they did it anyway”.  

Avi Ohayon says that he hopes and believes that the young people have become a little more courageous to say yes in the future. “They were beaming, surprised and showed great gratitude for being seen.” After the movie, the young people mingled and there was a great atmosphere, he adds.  

The four organisers hope to create a lasting impact on young people’s lives and reduce the consequences of loneliness among young people. 

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