Cinemas are reducing their power consumption

Nordisk Film works continuously and determined to reduce its power consumption. The cinemas account for a large part of Nordisk Film’s and therefore also Egmont’s total power consumption, so great effort is therefore being made to reduce it.  


Nordisk Film measures the power consumption of each of its cinemas and monitors it very closely. This is a prerequisite for reducing power consumption in Nordisk Film’s 23 cinemas in Denmark – not least because it makes it possible to identify potential power guzzlers and areas that require special attention.  

Ventilation systems weigh heavily in the overall power consumption of cinemas. As a result, most ventilation systems have been repaired or replaced entirely. The operating time of the individual ventilation systems has also been adjusted so that they are only switched on when absolutely necessary.  

Nordisk Film is also continuously replacing lighting in its cinemas with LED bulbs, while the old projectors are being replaced by new, more power-saving laser projectors. Paying more attention to daily behaviour – for instance, remembering to turn off lights and screens, cooling and heating cabinets that are not in use during the night – also helps reduce power consumption. Nordisk Film Cinemas has also held workshops focusing on sustainability in cinemas to increase awareness and engagement among all employees.   

With the help of power data, Nordisk Film Cinemas is targeting various initiatives and has managed to reduce power consumption in Danish cinemas by 947,075 KWH, corresponding to 13.3% compared to 2019. Nordisk Film Cinemas and all of Egmont give high priority to sustainability, so our work does not stop here.

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