The Egmont Foundation

Egmont is a foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and support children and young people at risk. Giving back to society, we have donated EUR 423 million to charitable activities since 1920.

We do well. We do good.

All of Egmont is a foundation. We have no owners, but a vital commitment to do well and do good. This means that we reinvest all profits in building great media and support vulnerable children, young people and families. We have given back to society for more than 100 years. And we are proud to say that it is a part of our DNA.

100 years of giving back to society
Through the Egmont Foundation we contribute to creating a better life for vulnerable children and young people in Denmark and Norway. Our charitable activities help them get life skills and acquire learning.

The foundation’s work is based on social indignation and empathy. The foundation was founded in 1920 by Egmont Harald Petersen’s wife, Elisabeth, and their children with the aim to alleviate the consequences for children and families living in poverty. Today, our focus is on “modern poverty” and the approx. 15% of young people who are at risk of not completing an upper secondary education.

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EUR 13m

For charitable activities a year

EUR 423m

Total value of donations

Year 1920

The Egmont Foundation is established

How we support
2030 objective
Four focus areas
Nordisk Film Fonden

How we support

The Egmont Foundation uses different philanthropic instruments: Donations, partnerships, incubator grants, catalytic activities and the programme called A Helping Hand, which gives support directly to children and families at risk.

2030 objective

We are working to ensure that by 2030 all young people are able to complete an upper secondary education.

Four focus areas

We are working with four focus areas as we seek to create a meaningful and measurable difference: 1) dyslexia, 2) children and young people placed in care, 3) vulnerable families with small children, and 4) a good school start.

Nordisk Film Fonden

Nordisk Film Fonden is an independent part of the Egmont Foundation with its own objectives and focus areas. This foundation supports talents and encourages the great film story.

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