Young talent receives the Egmont Grant


The Egmont Grant of approx. 13,400 Euro is given to 27 year-old Mette Kim Bohnstedt, a Master graduate from Harvard University.

27 year-old Mette Kim Bohnstedt's aim is to develop and run an organization that teaches at-risk youth tangible ways to combine an interest in social change with entrepreneurial skills. Mette Bohnstedt has a professional focus on creating positive change for vulnerable children and young people from her education at Harvard University and Copenhagen Business School. She has now received the Egmont Grant of approx. 13,400 EUR. The Egmont Grant sponsors her MBA-education at the Bentley University in USA. The education will give Mette Bohnstedt a solid organizational and professional background, which she can use to work with vulnerable children and young people.

The Egmont Foundation supports children and young people

It is the second time that the Egmont Foundation in cooperation with Danmark-Amerika Fondet hands out the Egmont grant for studies or research in the USA related to creating a good life for children and young people.

The Egmont Foundation is a commercial foundation that operates a media group. Egmont is the biggest media group in Denmark with activities in 30 countries and 6,600 employees. Egmont's media world spans for instance Nordisk Film, TV 2 in Norway, cinemas, book publishers, educational publishers and PlayStation. The Egmont Foundation donate over 10 million EUR in 2013 to ensure a good life for children and young people. The Egmont Foundation invests in young people who have the potential to create social change which Mette Bohnstedt is a great example of. The grant funds for Mette Bohnstedt come from J. C. Petersen and his wife Fanny Petersen's grant which is administered by the Egmont Foundation.

Master's degree from Harvard University

Mette Bohnstedt holds a Master's degree in technology and education from Harvard University and a Bachelor's degree in business, language and culture from CBS. She has already been involved with a number of different education start-ups in various countries. She has started a youth organization in Columbia, and she has joined a non-profit American NGO in order to help bring their community change curriculum online.

The Egmont Grant enables Mette to continue her education at Bentley University in Boston. Her stay at Bentley University will help her bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and at-risk youth. The Egmont Grant was awarded June 19th by Henriette Christiansen, Director of charitable aid and grant administration at Egmont Fonden.