”You Disappear” is Denmark’s Oscar entry for an Oscar-nomination


The Danish Oscar Committee has nominated “You Disappear” produced by Zentropa as Denmark's candidate for a nomination in the Foreign Language Film category.

The Danish a candidate for an Oscar in the category Best Foreign Language Film is “You disappear” by Peter Schønau Fog. The film was chosen from a shortlist of three titles.

"On behalf of the team and players, I would like to express my gratitude for the selection and the trust of the Danish committee. This is a very big deal for us. It is no secret that it has been a long and hard struggle to finish this movie because of content wise necessity that goes against the stream - a film that requires more attention and concentration of its audience than most films. Hence it is a great relief to find that the Danish audience has chosen this unique experience and bought nearly 200,000 tickets. Furthermore, it has been fascinating to notice the controversy and discussions of the audience in Q & As during the recently completed Toronto Film Festival. Ahead of us lies an exciting wait, which stands and falls with the possibility to attract the attention of the Oscar Academy to the qualities of a film that radically goes its own way, to do something so rarely in the cinematic sense as asking questions about what it basically means to be human."

Claus Ladegaard, constituted director of The Danish Film Institute and chairman of the Danish Oscar-committee, states to the DFI.dk about the choice:

 " Peter Schønau Fog tackles a complex theme of guilt and responsibility in an original way and “You Disappear”  is a film that both seizes and challenges its audience. Last week “You Disappear” had its international premiere at  Toronto Film Festival, where critics emphasized the 'powerful' and 'moving' performances by Trine Dyrholm and Nikolaj Lie Kaas as the film's hard-tried married couple. Attending Toronto Film Festival is a great start for an Oscar candidate because this festival has the reputation of being a good stepping stone for a movie ahead of the nomination race. It will be exciting to follow the film's further path in the race during the next months.”

“You Disappear” is directed by Peter Schønau Fog and  features Trine Dyrholm, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and the late Swedish world star Michael Nyqvist in the leading roles.

“You Disappear” is based on the Danish writer Christian Jungersen's bestselling novel  Peter Schønau Fog has written and developed the script for the film, which is produced by Louise Vesth for Zentropa, partly owned by Nordisk Film.

The film is produced with support from The Danish Film Institute, TV 2 Denmark, TV4 Sweden, The West Danish Film Fund, The Swedish Film Institute and Nordisk Film.

“You Disappear” is distributed by Nordisk Film Distribution and sold internationally by TrustNordisk.