We are all the Egmont Foundation

When you work in one of Egmont’s companies, you are a part of the Egmont Foundation. And you help us support children and young people at risk.

Join Egmont and help us give back

All Egmont’s companies are a part of the Egmont Foundation, because Egmont is a foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and to support children and young people at risk. The profits we generate are either reinvested or used to help children and young people in Scandinavia.

As an employee in Egmont or any of Egmont's companies, you make it possible to give back to the next generation.

We work to ensure that all young people can complete an education and have a good life. And we focus on four target groups: Vulnerable families with small children, dyslexic children and young people, children and young people placed in care, and poor children and families.


“It is important to me that Egmont is a foundation that gives back to society and helps children.”

Cecilie Brogaard Larsen


“It makes me proud and attest to the fact that you are a part of a unique workplace.”

Jonas Lidheimer


“It means a lot to me to be a part of ensuring that more children and young people can have an education.”

Jane Bruun Elkjær

Every employee is contributing

EUR 13m

Donations in 2022

EUR 450m

Total value of donations

+100 years

A foundation since 1920

Egmont Fonden

An education for everyone

We work to ensure that all young people can complete an education by 2030. Our goal supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, which states that all children should have access to quality education.

Summer event in Story House Egmont

It is tradition for employees in Story House Egmont in Denmark to gather an afternoon in June and wrap summer presents for children who will be spending their holiday at a crisis centre. 

The presents are donated by our companies and count e.g. cinema tickets, books, magazines, and subscriptions for digital content platforms. And they are accompanied by a personal greeting. 

picture of christmas wrapping

Christmas wrapping event

Every year in Egmont, we give Christmas presents to children and young people who will be spending Christmas eve at a shelter. We spend an afternoon wrapping presents, which are donated by our companies, and writing personal greetings.
Support of new parents
Donation to BRIS
A helping hand to families in need
Fighting school absence

Support of new parents

Together with Mother’s Aid in Denmark, we have started the initiative 1,000 Days. It provides expecting and new parents with a platform for knowledge, counselling, and support in the important first years of their child’s life.

Donation to BRIS

BRIS runs a national helpline in Sweden that young people with anxiety, stress, loneliness, and thoughts of suicide can contact for help. With our donation, BRIS can now answer calls during the night and start develop a concept for helping small children too.

A helping hand to families in need

We give donations directly to families, for instance in collaboration with Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association. Poor families or families with refugee backgrounds can receive support for e.g. vacations, leisure activities or school start expenses.

Fighting school absence

Through a partnership with Children’s Welfare we aim to reduce the share of students in Denmark with a high level of school absence and create a better learning environment.

Help for children placed in care

Children and young people placed in care are generally lacking behind their classmates. Only every other child in care completes the 9th grade, and only every fifth completes an upper secondary education.

We have initiated and continue to support Learn for Life (Lær for Livet), which is a six-year learning programme for children and young people placed in care. The programme includes e.g. learning camps and mentoring schemes. 

After finishing the programme, eight of ten children finish the 9th grade with a diploma. And the same amount continues to an upper secondary education within two years.

We support in all of Scandinavia

We support in all of Scandinavia

We provide support for children and young people in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. And we support in different ways: donations, partnerships, incubator grants, catalytic activities and the programme called A Helping Hand, which gives support directly to children and families at risk.


We have most activities in Denmark where we support a great variety of organisations, such as Children’s Welfare, Mother’s Aid, Danish Red Cross, Save the Children, and our own signature programme Learn for Life.


In Norway, we support projects for children and young people under the Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association, Norwegian Red Cross and the Crown Prince Couple’s Foundation.


We started our support in Sweden in 2021. Currently, we have handed out donations to the organisation BRIS, which runs a national helpline for young people, and to My Dream Now that offers a concrete programme for inspiring school-work collaboration to help young people at risk.


Social responsibility is in our DNA

Our founder, Egmont Harald Petersen, grew up poor as a son of a single mother. He never forgot his humble upbringing, and his last will was to help children and families in need by donating a part of his company’s annual profit. All of Egmont has been a foundation since 1920, following the wish of our founder.

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