TV 2 Sumo launches on Apple TV


As the first television channel in Norway, TV 2 Sumo launches on Apple TV 

Apple TV gives users access to unlimited entertainment. Streaming of music, viewing images, YouTube clips and now the Norwegians can also watch their favourite TV 2 program. TV 2 Sumo has just signed an agreement with Apple, which makes TV 2 Norways content available on Apple TV.

"Apple TV is very popular in Norway, and we are very happy to be the first Norwegian TV channel on Apple TV," says TV 2 Sumo chief Kristian Bruarøy.

The agreements gives the Norwegians access to a wide range of achieve- and live programs, including sports, news, international series and all of TV 2's popular Norwegian programs. Apple TV users will also be able to watch TV 2 News live in HD and the family's youngest members get their own junior section, filled with children's programs.

TV 2 Sumo is available on the Apple TV now.