TV 2 sells ground-breaking TV format to NBC


The TV 2 programme “The Stream” is sold to American TV channel NBC. It is the biggest Norwegian TV export ever.

Egmont owned TV 2 in Norway, production company Monster and music producer Jørn Dahl has sold the ground-breaking TV format “The Stream” to American TV channel NBC. It is the biggest Norwegian TV export ever. 

“The Stream” gives aspiring musicians a chance to be discovered via a new show where the world’s largest record companies will all work together to uncover the next superstar artist via the Internet and social media.

“Throughout my career I've been fighting to develop and sell Norwegian ideas the same way as we are buying international TV formats. The last couple of years our goal in TV 2 has been to develop ideas that can go world wide, so this is a huge breakthrough. With “The Stream” we have hit a nerve and several big players have been interested. We have been in the US to present the format to top executives in some of the biggest TV networks. Closing the deal with NBC, that has made some of the biggest talent shows in the US, is huge. This is without a doubt the biggest Norwegian TV export ever and it will have a positive impact on TV 2’s revenue,” says Trond Håndlykken Kvernstrøm, Director of Channels and programming at TV 2. 

“The Stream” premiered on TV 2 in the fall and is developed by TV 2, the Norwegian production company Monster and music producer Jørn Dahl and his company Little Hill. TV 2 has partnered with the three biggest record companies in the world, Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music, and streaming giant Spotify to find and create new music artists at it is actually done in the reality of 2016. 

“Everybody is trying to create the next big thing. If we succeed it is a dream come through. This is a salute to all those in TV 2 working on the project as well to our external partners, Monster and Little Hill, and a big day for everybody in the Norwegian TV production business who are fighting to bring great content to the TV screen everyday,” says Jarle Nakken, Program Director at TV 2. 

The winner of “The Stream” is the most streamed artist — discovered and chosen by the public. In a new era that demands new stars, “The Stream” goes where no television talent competition has gone and speaks the language of our generation. 

Distributor Nordic World is behind the deal. Nordic World markets and sells primarily Nordic TV content and formats internationally.