The Team watched by nearly 1.5 million Danish viewers


First episode of the crime series was watched by nearly one and a half million Danes and the reviews are positive

The Team premiered on Sunday night, and nearly a 1.5 million people were watching. Exactly 1.462.000 Danes switched on DR1, which comes to a share of 55 % in the particular time slot.

It matches the premiere level of other Danish Sunday dramas including Borgen which had 1.454.000 viewers and a 52 % share, The Protectors which had 1.511.000 viewers and a 54 % share and The Legacy II which had 1.578.000 viewers and a share of 55 %.

An addictive series

The criminal drama receives several four-star reviews. The reviewer from the Danish magazine Soundvenue, Thomas Spejlborg Sejersen, writes:

“The beginning of the European crime series ‘The Team’ is up-tempo and looks promising. The center of the story is a murder intrigue filled with all the things that make up good drama: prostitutes, drugs, human trafficking and manslaughter. Lars Mikkelsen is great as usual, while Belgian Veerle Baetens has the most interesting character.”

The reviewer from the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet is also positive about the first episode which he rewards with four stars:

“The plot seems interesting and the characters are people you want to get to know. Looking at the more technical features, the sound track of the series alone is pure enjoyment,” Henrik Quietsch writes. He calls the series “addictive”.

European quality drama

The Danish newspaper Berlingske gives four stars and calls the constellation “a successful Euro-pudding”. They praise Nordisk Film for the initiative to produce the series.

“Nordisk Film wanted to create ‘The Team’ as a quality drama piece outside the walls of DR – and they have nothing to be ashamed of with this series. If you start watching, it is going to be hard getting off that train,” Berlingske writes.

Nordisk Film Production has developed the series over the past five years. It has a budget of approximately 75 million Danish kroner and is carried out in cooperation with tv stations and production companies in multiple countries.

The successful writers Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe are behind the series directed by Kathrine Windfeld with Lars Mikkelsen in the leading role. The series contains eight episodes of 58 minutes duration.