Social Responsibility – an integral part of Egmont


Did you know that Egmont has joined UN Global Compact, that Egmont has a whistleblowing policy and a policy for gender composition in management? Read this and more in the 2015 report: Communication on Progress.

Social Responsibility is a big part of Egmont's history. The founder Egmont Harald Petersen came from humble beginnings and his family testamented a big part of the revenue to vulnerable children and young adults. This way the family could give back to society. Many disadvantaged children and young persons have benefited from donations from The Egmont Foundation - since 1920 the foundation has distributed EUR 367 million. In 2015, The Egmont Foundation distributed more than EUR 11 million.

Egmont's work with corporate social responsibility in the operational part of the business is based on compliance. This means our work is based on Egmont’s Code of Conduct (CoC) which is our expectations to how our employees and our suppliers behave. Egmont’s CoC is targeted both own employees and suppliers and is a requirement for cooperation.

In January 2013 Egmont became a signatory to the UN Global Compact and thereby committed to work on human rights, labour rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption. Egmont just published the third Communication on Progress (COP) in relation to this commitment and the report can be found here.

With the report Egmont seeks to give its stakeholders a view into the work on human rights, labour rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption.

In the report you can read:
In 2015, Egmont have conducted additional quality and safety inspections of 667 orders for toys distributed together with our magazines.

Egmont experienced overall great results across divisions, both in terms of progress on engagement and on leadership - a level above external benchmarks on all parameters.

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