Rasmus Klump celebrated as a Danish design icon


A brand new Danish design book lists Rasmus Klump among the 101 most important design items. He is one of Denmark’s largest literary export successes – only exceeded by H.C. Andersen, Karen Blixen and Søren Kierkegard.

We have the Margrethe bowe, the Y-chair and the PH Lamp. And then we have Rasmus Klump. The book '101 Danish design icons' is the first collection of the most important Danish design brands and Rasmus Klump is not only celebrated for his design but also for his universe of peace and tolerance.

From the very beginning in the newspaper Berlingske Aftenavis in 1951, Rasmus Klump was a success. Just four years later he was featured in 120 newspapers in 21 different countries. Combined with the books Rasmus Klump has sold more than 20 million copies.”A literary export fairytale only exceeded by H.C. Andersen, Karen Blixen, and Søren Kierkegaard” as it is stated in the design book.

In 2007 Egmont acquired the rights to Rasmus Klump and Michael Benzon who is head of licensing in Egmont Publishing, is thrilled that the character has become a part of such a prominent selection.

”I am extremely proud and it just shows how strong a brand Rasmus Klump really is. The mission of Egmont has been to rebuild Rasmus Klump. He is a classic Danish figure that we should take good care of and share with as many people as possible,” he says.

Today Rasmus Klump is present in an additional 11 countries but his journey has only just begun.