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How we use cookies on our website

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Personal data in Egmont

It is important for the Egmont Group to take good care of our customers’ personal data, and we take this responsibility seriously. Personal data is only borrowed for a period, and not ours to keep.

Personal data on

We do not collect personal data about visitors on 

If you want to read the privacy policies for other Egmont websites or companies, please go to the websites of the companies in question.

Our statistical module has been configured to anonymise any and all data regarding visitors, and there is no collection of data in any manner on

Enquiries regarding personal data

If you would like to enquire regarding a company within the Egmont Group’s processing of your personal data, you can contact the company in question through the links below.

Enquiries to Egmont Publishing

Egmont Publishing is behind magazines, weeklies, streaming services, etc. You can read more about Egmont Publishing here.

You can contact Egmont Publishing Norway regarding your personal data here:
You can contact Egmont Publishing Denmark regarding your personal data here:
You can contact Egmont Publishing Sweden regarding your personal data here:
You can contact Egmont UK regarding your personal data here: 

Enquiries to Nordisk Film

Nordisk Film is a leading Nordic entertainment company and is part of Egmont. You can find an extensive list of Nordisk Film’s activities and companies here.

You can contact Nordisk Film regarding your personal data here:

Enquiries to Egmont Books

Egmont Books consists of the publishing houses Lindhardt & Ringhof, Alinea, Carlsen, and more.

You can contact Lindhardt & Ringhof regarding your personal data here:
You can contact Alinea regarding your personal data here:
You can contact Carlsen regarding your personal data here: