Popular publishing site reach 100,000 viewers


Milestone of 100,000 views surpassed

"It's a milestone to reach the 100,000 site viewers mark," says Maiken Ingvordsen, administrator of the Danish publishing site

The site offers news and blogs from writers, publishing employees and associates from all the Egmont book publishing companies including Lindhardt & Ringhof, Carlsen and Alinea. is a part of Lindhardt & Ringhof, and the site currently enjoys up to 600 unique visitors per day, so there is plenty of reason for Maiken and the rest of the team to be happy after two years of working on the site.

In-depth articles are the pillar

Lindhardt & Ringhof went with the idea of a publishing news and blog site two years ago, and that decision paid off, as is the only one of it's kind in Denmark now.

"We wanted to create our own media, where there's room for in-depth articles. Those longer and interesting reads are the pillar of our site. Also, we don't have to compete against other publishing companies in the business, as this site is only about our own companies within Egmont," Maiken Ingvordsen tells.

Currently publishes around five articles each day. It might sound like a lot of content, but Maiken Ingvordsen explains that it is a necessity.

"We try to create a lot of content, since it generates life on the site, which again attracts more readers. But let me assure you, we have an editor within our team to read through all the content and make sure it's quality-filled."

Norwegian inspiration

100,000 site views is a fine milestone, but not a reason to dwell, according to Maiken Ingvordsen, who wants to evolve into something more. The first goal will be to go from 600 to 1,000 unique readers a day... and one day become as big as their Norwegian colleagues.

"We want to be as big as the Norwegians, haha!" Maiken Ingvordsen laughs, because the Norwegian site has around 70,000 site views per month. The Danish site is far from that impressive number, but Maiken Ingvordsen and her team enjoy working together with the Norwegians, since they have got a certain know-how.

Currently the Danish site is trying to incorporate even more video content, as well as they plan to develop a book sale feature within the near future.