Outnorth and Fjellsport to amalgamate


The successful Nordic e-commerce companies, Norway’s Fjellsport and Sweden’s Outnorth, have joined together in a group with Egmont as majority owner. The new group will be one of the largest e-commerce companies in the Nordics, with an expected revenue of over 1 billion SEK 

Fjellsport and Outnorth are today among the leading outdoors e-commerce companies in respectivelythe Norwegian and Swedish markets. The ambition behind the new partnership is that the two companies together will occupy a leading position in the Nordic region.

”Fjellsport and Outnorth have both demonstrated strong growth and success in their respective markets. An amalgamation of the two companies into a single entity with the same owners strengthens both companies, ensuring that we will remain competitive and able to fulfull our desire to be a leading player in the Nordic region,” says CEO of Egmont Publishing, Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen. 

Fjellsport and Outnorth will continue to operate their brands independently, with warehouses in both Norway and Sweden to ensure speedy delivery to customers. 

While Eric Sandtrø will remain the CEO of Fjellsport, Outnorth CEO Harald Ennen has been appointed CEO of the newly formed group. 

”By bringing together Outnorth and Fjellsport, we have laid the groundwork to continue our expansive growth and create more efficient operations. Both companies contain a great amount of knowledge and experience, which we can now combine to strengthen our positions in the respective markets and to ensure the creation of conditions for expansion into new markets,” says Harald Ennen. 

Fjellsport CEO Eric Sandtrø is looking forward to the newly formed group. 

”We have now brought together the best online outdoors shops in Sweden and Norway. It will ensure an even better customer experience going forward, and we are looking forward to the possibilities this amalgamation will provide,” he says.

In 2017, Outnorth recorded a revenue of 427 million SEK, while Fjellsport tallied 285 million NOK, the equivalent of 300 million SEK. According to Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, the ambition for next year is a total revenue that easily surpasses 1 billion SEK.