Nordisk Film results

Nordisk Film had all-time-high revenue and solid performance.

Key figures in 2022

EUR 573m


EUR 48m

Operating profit after result from associates



Nordisk Film is a leading Nordic entertainment and experience company focused on storytelling across multiple platforms.

Revenue hit a record high as a result of strong consumer demand for films, cinemas and computer games. Earnings were solid but below the 2021 figure, which includes non-recurring gains of EUR 15m.

Nordisk Film was behind the four highest-grossing Danish movies of the year: A Lucky Man, Rose, Fathers and Mothers and All for Four. In Norway, viewers flocked to the cinemas to see Narvik and When the Robbers Came to Cardemom Town. In Sweden, successes included I Am Zlatan and Håkan the Troublemaker.

Nordisk film’s 47 cinemas in Denmark, Norway and Sweden were affected by Covid-19 restrictions at the beginning of the year. As they reopened, they enjoyed considerable support from movie goers, but the range of international titles was limited, and total visitor numbers remained below pre-Covid levels.

Nordisk Games’ portfolio of seven computer games companies continued to grow. The holding in Supermassive Games, the company behind the acclaimed games The Quarry and The Devil in Me, was increased to 100%.

Nordisk Film is behind PlayStation in the Nordic region and the Baltic States and saw strong demand for PlayStation 5.