Nordisk Film opens its first cinema in Sweden


In December, Nordisk Film will inaugurate its first Swedish cinema in Gränbystaden near Uppsala. It is the first step of Nordisk Film Cinemas entry into the Swedish market. It will be a state-of-the-art luxury cinema, including an innovative 4DX auditorium, which has already been successfully introduced in Denmark and Norway. 

Nordisk Film will open the doors to its first Swedish cinema in Gränbystaden, near Uppsala, in early December. With five state-of-the-art auditoriums, Nordisk Film will offer the Swedes a wide range of movies, high quality sound and imagery, and luxurious comfort. This is exemplified by the fully reclining seats featured throughout each of the auditoriums.

Additionally, Nordisk Film Cinemas will be the first to launch 4DX theatres in the Swedish market. The 4DX concept, which has already proven successful in Denmark and Norway, is an innovative technology that immerses the cinema-goer in the film’s action with 19 different effects, such as wind, water, fog, smells, snow, soap bubbles, and heat. In the 4DX auditorium, cinema seats move in all directions while nozzles spray air, water, and scents. The effects provide an immersive, realistic experience of weather phenomena, and other elements of film.

“We are behind the largest cinema chain in Denmark and Norway, and we are now moving into Sweden. We are thrilled to finally open our first cinema in Sweden and offer the Swedes a cinema experience far beyond the ordinary. Additionally, we are very proud to be the first in the Swedish market to offer the 4DX concept. We are looking forward to continuing our cinema expansion in Sweden,” says Erik Kongsvik-Ibsen, COO of Nordisk Film Cinemas.

The cinema in Gränbystaden is the first step in a larger establishment of Nordisk Film cinemas in the Swedish market. In the coming years, Nordisk Film plans to open a series of new cinemas in Sweden.

“The Swedes average 1.6 visits to the cinema per person each year. In Denmark and Norway, the average is 2.8 visits per year. Our goal is to get more Swedes going to the movies more often, and we are convinced that we will succeed. The cinema offers the opportunity to be together and entertainment for the whole family. It is a real social media, something people are demanding more than ever,” says Jesper Danielsson, director of cinema at Nordisk Film Cinemas in Uppsala.

Nordisk Film Cinemas is owned by Nordisk Film, which is a part of Denmark’s largest media group, Egmont. Nordisk Film Cinemas operates the largest cinema chains in Denmark and Norway with 42 cinemas and 220 auditoriums. Nordisk Film Cinemas receives more than 10 million guests a year.