Nordisk Film has revised its logo


The iconic polar bear is even more visible in Nordisk Film’s new logo, that stands out as more modern, elegant and tailor made for use on digital platforms. The revised logo reflects Nordisk Film’s digital, technological and substantive growth.

Since Nordisk Film’s foundation in 1906, the polar beer standing majestically on top of a globe has been an integral part of the company’s logo. Now, the iconic polar beer enters the digital age, when Nordisk Film presents a revised logo.

The polar beer is still in the centre, but the globe is smaller, and the font has been changed into a more modern typography. The new Nordisk Film logo is thus more elegant, flexible and tailor made the many digital platforms and media that have become an important part of Nordisk Film’s businesses.

”We are proud of our polar bear and it is with deep respect of our heritage that we are now revising our logo. We have wanted to modernize in order to make the logo stand out on mobile devices, apps, social media and many other places where the logo is in the centre”, says Allan Mathson Hansen, Nordisk Film’s CEO.

”Nordisk Film has seen marked growth within recent years. We are leading in the Nordics when it comes to producing and distributing current and popular films and TV series. We are behind 45 cinemas in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We have built a sizeable business within computer games development and has a close collaboration with Sony PlayStation. As well, we are expanding globally on the market for digital gifting solutions. The new logo marks the digital, technological and substantial journey we are on, while at the same time respecting our strong legazy,” says Allan Mathson Hansen.

Nordisk Film’s new logo is developed and drawn by Jens Kajus, co-founder of the branding company e-Types and since 2015 CEO and founding partner of the design company MILLION. It will gradually replace the current Nordisk Film logo. The two logos will therefore live side by side for a while. Several of Nordisk Film’s businesses and brands, e.g. Nordisk Film Cinemas, Dansk Filmskat, Nordisk Film+ and Nordisk Film Games, will also have a new logo.

”The polar bear represents, that Nordisk Film has an international outlook rooted in Nordic culture, and it draws back all the way to our founder Ole Olsen. I am very happy that our many consumers will still be met by the polar bear as a familiar sign of quality,” says Allan Mathson Hansen.

Nordisk Film is owned by Egmont, a leading Nordic media company.