The Nordisk Film Foundation helps writers


The Polar Bear Author Camp, a major project from Nordisk Film Foundation, is improving Scandinavian writers.

Director Lone Scherfig talks with enthusiasm about The Polar Bear Author Camp. It is a signature project from The Nordisk Film Foundation, bringing 16 writers from the Nordic countries together to develop and upgrade their writing skills.

Along with director Ole Christian Madsen and writer Simon Pasternak, Lone Scherfig lectures the course, and they have now completed the first of two four-day workshops.

“In three and a half day the participants have shown ideas, plots and persons never seen before. They write impressively in no time," says Lone Scherfig.

It is the second time The Polar Bear Author Camp is held. According to Lone Scherfig the intensive course resonates with participants long after.

"It is a camp for trained writers. We try to inspire the participants to write wilder and more innovative, challenging their talent. The aim is that future films will resemble each other less making future films so far-sighted and fulfilling as possible," says Lone Scherfig.

Participants in The Polar Bear Author Camp come from Denmark and other Nordic countries. They will meet again next year. Lone Scherfig emphasizes that another important objective of the camp is to build lasting relationships between the authors.

Good decision
The Polar Bear Author Camp is a major project from The Nordisk Film Foundation aiming at boosting the film industry. The Nordisk Film Foundation has also supported the new four-year-old scriptwriting study at The National Film School of Denmark with DKK 700,000.

Lone Scherfig thinks it gives “every sense" to focus on the writers.

"That is why I bring time and enthusiasm to the project. With the support of The Nordic Film Foundation we can bring this to a level otherwise impossible. We can bring in guests who are top-notch and highly qualified teachers. We can get the participants away from their everyday life and just concentrate on writing. And the participants are very grateful," says Lone Scherfig.