The Quake

Nordisk Film and Fantefilm join forces


Nordisk Film acquires minority stake in Norwegian production company Fantefilm and parties sign new output deal strengthening Nordisk Film’s content slate. Fantefilm has four feature films in production.

Nordisk Film has acquired a minority stake in the successful and internationally acclaimed Norwegian production company Fantefilm and thereby continues its expansion within Nordic film and TV content.

Fantefilm is behind a range of Nordic and internationally acclaimed blockbusters such as “The Quake” (2018), “The Wave” (2015), “Ragnarok” (2013), “Escape” (2012) and “Cold Prey” (2006) as well as the widely popular “Merry Christmas, Mr. Andersen” film series. Fantefilm currently has four feature films in production and is also developing a major TV series. 

With the minority acquisition Nordisk Film continues its expansion into the best and most prolific Nordic production houses and strengthens its strategic foothold within the Nordic content area. Nordisk Film already has a range of associated production companies and close collaborators in the Nordic countries and pursue a strategy of continuously ramping up the development, production and distribution of the best Nordic content. 

In addition, the acquisition in Fantefilm underlines Nordisk Film’s strategic ambition of partnering up with producers that can provide strong local content with an appeal for the international market. Fantefilm has a trademark of producing high concept genre films that have travelled successfully across the globe.

Nordisk Film and Fantefilm have also signed a new output deal that continues to secure Nordisk Film the Nordic distribution and international sales rights to Fantefilm’s future slate.

“We have a long and close collaboration with Fantefilm and have brought many of their films to the market both in the Nordic countries and internationally. Fantefilm continuously raise the bar when it comes to film making in our region with their impressive mix of huge Nordic blockbusters that are very popular with international buyers. We are excited to now be an even closer part of the company and take part in its future development when it comes to expanding the slate of big local films, establishing an even stronger foothold when it comes to international blockbusters and help develop TV series that have worldwide appeal. We have the ambition of being the leading creative powerhouse in the Nordics and this acquisition is another very important step in that journey,” says Kenneth Wiberg, President of Nordisk Film Distribution and Vice President, Nordisk Film.

“Throughout the years, Nordisk Film has been an important part of us reaching our ambitious goals. Together we have crossed boundaries no one thought possible and together we will now journey onwards towards new, great productions. Joining forces with Nordisk Film and having Nordisk Film onboard as a minority owner means that we can further strengthen Fantefilm’s unique position of delivering first class, high quality national and international appealing films and TV series. And at the same time Fantefilm will maintain its independency, DNA and ways of doing business. We are very excited about this new journey we head out on,” says Martin Sundland, Producer and Partner, Fantefilm. 

Caption: Still from Fantefilm's "The Quake".