Nordisk Film advances in Sweden


Three experienced Swedish producers and Nordisk Film forms a new production company, AVANTI FILM. The goal is to strengthen the Swedish market with high-quality features and television drama aimed at a large audience.

The leading Nordic film company, Nordisk Film, now steps up its activities in Sweden by forming the production company AVANTI FILM together with three experienced producers; Anna Anthony, Anna Croneman and Charlotta Denward. The announcement was made during the current film festival in Cannes. 

Working out of Stockholm, AVANTI FILM’s mission is to produce Swedish features and TV drama based on original stories and aimed at a large audience. 

”We have known each other for many years both as colleagues and competitors. To run a production company together is a dream come true but also a challenge in these turbulent times,” says Anna Anthony.

Despite recent challenges for Swedish features in the cinemas, the three producers and Nordisk Film believes in a future for Swedish films. 

”Swedes wants to see Swedish films in the cinema as well as on other platforms. We want to give them the best, both mainstream and edgy,” says Charlotta Denward.

AVANTI FILM targets strong and engaging stories that can reach a broad audience. 
”We are looking for the stories we want to see ourselves – intelligent, cool, entertaining and original stories,” says Anna Croneman.

Nordisk Film is involved in AVANTI FILM as part of an offensive into the Swedish market. The company is determined to nurture talents and make the kind of films so desperately needed in the Swedish cinemas. 

“The talent is out there but the projects are lacking; the big, high-quality films aimed at a large audience. These films have been hard to finance in Sweden but with this venture we want to change the situation,” says Allan Hansen, CEO of Nordisk Film. 

Nordisk Film has distributed and co-produced a range of Swedish films and TV series. Together with the regional film fund Film Väst and the national Swedish broadcaster, SVT, Nordisk Film is working to create audience-friendly big budget films. 

About the producers


Anna Anthony has made films since 2000 when she produced Josef Fares’s debut feature Jalla! Jalla!. She has produced all of the director’s subsequent films, e.g. Kopps and Zozo. She has also co-produced several films, amongst them Susanne Bier’s In a better world and Brothers and Per Fly’s The Inheritance and Drabet. Anna is a former co-owner of the production company Memfis Film where she worked for nearly twenty years. 

Anna Croneman’s main focus for more than a decade has been television drama, e.g. The Crown, The Regicide and The Sacrifice. She has also been co-producer on a number of features with Scandinavian as well as international directors at the helm, e.g. Sara Johnsen, Ole Christan Madsen, Michael Winterbottom and Radu Muntean.

Charlotta Denward has been head of production at Svensk Filmindustri and head of production and distribution at the Swedish Film Institute. Among the features Charlotta Denward has produced and co-produced are The Guy in the Grave Next Door, Elina, Micke & Veronica and Gentlemen.


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