Nicehair appoints new CEO following significant growth


Denmark’s largest online retailer of beauty products,, is growing significantly. Hans Tosti joins the company as new CEO with an ambition to accelerate further growth. 

Substantial progress has sent to the top as Denmark’s largest online retailer of beauty products. With a 35 percent growth rate in the last year and a staff that has increased to 100, the online retailer has now appointed a new CEO. 

43-year-old Hans Tosti joins from the position of CMO with the restaurant chain Sunset Boulevard. Previously he was part of the management team in the digital department of Salling Group. 

“Nicehair is, in reality, a media company that sells beauty products, and is a fantastic platform to support in future e-commerce. The company is extremely adept at branding themselves and marketing their content and products on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, completely eye-to-eye with customers. I am looking forward to taking up the challenge and contributing to the business, so it can continue its development and growth, while simultaneously maintaining the broadest possible sense of entrepreneurial spirit in the organization,” Hans Tosti said. 

Entrepreneur shifts focus
With the hiring of a new CEO, founder and co-owner of Nicehair, Tonny Nielsen Bruun, has given himself the title of Commercial Director underlining that he, going forward, will have his primary focus on the development of new ideas.

“I am entrepreneurial by nature, and it is that part of the development of Nicehair I am passionate about and do best. Therefore, I am very happy to receive a new, capable CEO, that together with me we will further the company’s success,” Tonny Nielsen Bruun said. 

Strong growth
As part of a venture into e-commerce, Egmont Publishing invested in Nicehair in 2016. The following year the online retailer traded for 20 million euro, which corresponds to a growth of 35 percent. The positive development of the company is continuing. 


“We have some very loyal customers, while at the same time we are gaining more. We have succeeded to be in the black, and the ambition is to reach 27 million euro in revenue this year,” Tonny Nielsen Bruun commented.

Egmont Publishing’s e-commerce portfolio, in addition to Nicehair, consists of Outnorth, Bagaren & Kocken, Jollyroom, Fjellsport and The strategic 2020-objective for Egmont Publishing’s expansion in e-commerce is to reach a total revenue of 500 million euro, increasing from the current level of 300 million euro. 

Photo: Christer Holte