New Rasmus Klump TV series ready for worldwide distribution


Rasmus Klump and his friends will soon be sailing around the world in a new animated TV series. The 26 episodes from the recognized Studio Soi are ready for distribution in Denmark and abroad – and prior to its official release the series has won a prestigious award

Friendship, contemplation and discovering the world together – these are the themes of the 26 new episodes, which are based on the original Rasmus Klump stories but rewritten for the TV series. Each episode is 12 minutes long.

Prior to its official release, Rasmus Klump has won the Award for Best Animation Series at ITFS 2016. IFTS is one of the world's most prestigious animation festivals in the world.

The series are made by the award-winning Studio Soi in cooperation with licensee Egmont Publishing and the German media group ZDF who are responsible for the distribution in Germany.

UK based Producer

The series is produced by Carsten Bunte of Studio Soi and Lars Sylvest whose companies have produced a number of Hollywood movies. Lars Sylvest has high expectations of getting the new series out on the international marked:

”To me, and many Scandinavians, Rasmus Klump has always belonged to the upper echelons of children’s entertainment, on par with all-time greats such as Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear, and has been sold in similar volumes”, he says.

The series are primarily made for pre-school kids and according to Lars Sylvest that target group is very popular. Only the very best of the productions are successful on a global marked.

”We have produced Rasmus Klump to production standards which are usually the reserve of high end feature film animation. The combination of our immense production value and Rasmus Klump’s position as the Indiana Jones for children provides us with a unique market position”, says Lars Sylvest. 

Traditions and innovation

Michael Benzon, Head of licensing in Egmont Publishing Danmark, is proud of the success. For several years Michael Benzon has been working on restoring Rasmus Klump and regaining the popularity he once had.

”Rasmus Klump is an old brand full of traditions and now he is doing a comeback. We are very proud of the new series and the high quality which is essential for us when it comes to working with the Rasmus Klump brand,” he says.


A high class TV remake of a Danish kids character is a rarity. Almost 20 years has passed since Rasmus, Pingo, Skæg and Pelle participated in a TV series.

And since then the Danish icon has become more and more popular. The latest break through happened in Japan where Rasmus klump was introduced in 2014 with women of the age 20-40 as the main audience.

In Denmark the Rasmus Klump app is a great kids success with 600.000 downloads.

Rasmus Klump was created as a cartoon in the Danish newspaper “Berlingske Aftenavis” in 1951. Four years later the cartoon series was printed in 120 newspapers in 21 countries. In 1952 the first Rasmus Klump book was published and the sum of copies are estimated to be more than 30 millions.

“It is a fairy tale of exporting literature only succeeded by H.C. Andersen, Karen Blixen and Søren Kierkegaard,” as is it written in the book ’101 Danish Design Icons’ from 2015.