A new life to Olsen-Banden


Nordisk Film now offers all its 1,200 titles for remake through the newly established company Globalgate Entertainment.

New Danish movies along with beloved classics like Olsen-Banden can now be remade worldwide.As part of a new collaboration Nordisk Film makes rights to all of its 1,200 movies available for selected film companies.

The new US company Globalgate Entertainment has built a consortium of leading film companies in the world. In addition to Nordisk Film, Globalgate's consortium partners include among others Lionsgate in the United States, Gaumont in France, Tobis in Germany, Televisa / Videocine in Mexico, Kadokawa in Japan and Lotte Entertainment in South Korea.

Globalgate Entertainment presents a series of films from Nordisk Film for the other members of the network, who have the opportunity to buy the rights to local remakes. Among the first titles being offered Nordisk Films partners are Klassefesten (The Reunion), Oh Happy Day, Lykkevej, Lotto and all the Olsen-Banden films.

Kenneth Wiberg, Senior Vice-President of Nordisk Film says: 

"Although we have produced local language films for almost 110 years, we have over the past years experienced an enormous increase in interest from abroad in regards to Nordic content and IPs including a huge demand for international remakes of our films. With Globalgate, and by adding an experienced network of dedicated partners, we expect to be able to capitalize even better on our extensive Scandinavian produced film library."

Globalgate reflects the growing popularity of local-language films in markets around the world and has partnered with international entertainment executives Paul Presburger, William Pfeiffer and Clifford Werber to launch Globalgate Entertainment.

"Local language films are competing successfully with Hollywood studio releases in market after market, representing a large and growing share of the box office in key territories around the world. We're pleased to partner with Lionsgate, along with some of the world's leading distributors, in capitalizing on this opportunity with a ground-breaking venture unique in its structure, focus and strategy," they say.

Globalgate Entertainment also provides Nordisk Film a chance to buy rights to films from other studios in order to remake in Scandinavia.