Michelle Obama in an exclusive interview with ALT for damerne


Next week Michelle Obama will visit Copenhagen as part of her book tour. The Egmont weekly ALT for damerne is proud to present an exclusive interview with the former First Lady who have become a role model for girls and women all over the world

Her autobiography has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. On 9 April Michelle Obama’s book tour will take her to Copenhagen and as the only Danish media ALT for damerne has been given an interview with the popular former First Lady.

I the magazine tomorrow Michelle Obama opens up about the freedom she has regained since she and president Obama left the White House. Michelle Obama also speaks about the relationship to Barack Obama with whom she went to marriage counseling after the birth of their two daughters. In the interview with Alt for damerne Michelle Obama says:

“Barack and I are in a great place in our relationship. We love each other deeply. We’ve been through so much together—so many unexpected twists and turns—and through it all, we’ve learned to weather the ebbs and flows that naturally come with any partnership. We know that we can lean on each other and we know how to support each other,” she says and adds:

“Our partnership is a durable one—we’ve seen each other grow and change through many seasons. It’s a great feeling to come out of the last decade still intact and in love.

Of course, we know that like any marriage, ours needs continued care and attention to maintain its strength. Nowadays, we have more time to do that—more time for ourselves, more time for each other—and that’s been a real blessing.”

She has walked the walk
Editor in Chief Tina Nikolaisen is proud of the interview not the least because Michelle Obama with her personal story makes a difference to girls all over the world:

”Michelle Obama is a role model. She has created her own platform and in a very personal and professional manner she uses it to make a difference. She has a consequent focus on education and equality for both gender and race and because of her own background we listen even more. Michelle Obama is not just talking the talk – she has walked the walk,” Tina Nikolaisen says.  

ALT for damerne have also interviewed 10 girls from 4thgrade about the former First Lady. The girls describe Michelle Obama as both nice and brave and stresses the fact that she was endorsed by her family and parents who made her believethat she should reach for the stars.

Michelle Obama visits Royal Arena in Copenhagen on Tuesday April 9th where she is interviewed by the Emmy Award-winning tv-star Rachael Ray .