Astrid Tessem

Meet Astrid Tessem

Astrid works as a Data Scientist at TV 2 Sumo in Norway. Read her story here.

I’ve been working as a Data Scientist in TV 2 Sumo for almost one year. To work with data and AI has been a dream ever since I completed my studies in computer science and machine learning three years ago.

Big Data and AI

As a Data Scientist at TV 2 Sumo, I get to deep dive into large amounts of data in order to find patterns and trends we otherwise might have missed. Currently, I’m working in two different teams, the big data team and the AI team.

My job in the big data team consists of data modelling, improving data quality, and helping other teams in the organisation to become more data-driven. A big part of my job is talking to different people and identifying business needs. Being able to see the big picture is critical when modelling and organising data. My goal is to organise the data in a way that makes it easy for other teams to extract useful information.

The second team I work in is the AI team. This team works on increasing product personalisation for each customer. We use techniques such as recommender systems and customer segmentation.

Continuous effort to be data-driven

One of the most exciting parts about being a Data Scientist is the pace of advancements in the field. This requires me to stay up-to-date with new techniques and algorithms. I work together with extremely talented and motivated people, and I’m lucky to work in an organisation that strives to become more data-driven.