Lindhardt og Ringhof skal ansætte yderligere 40 medarbejdere

Lindhardt og Ringhof is hiring 40 new colleagues


Lindhardt og Ringhof, part of Egmont, will hire new employees in the next two years

“It has been a really good book year – both for our digital publishing and physical books. That of course has a positive impact on our yearly result, but it also creates the possibility of pursuing our ambitious plans for development,” says CEO Lars Boesgaard.

Within the next two years publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof is advertising for 40 new employees. A significant number of the new positions will be posted by Lindhardt og Ringhof’s digital publisher Saga, but all the editorial teams are looking to hire.

“The digital market for books is experiencing exponential growth in line with Europe and the rest of the world, with a growth rate of 15-25% per year. That development has partially been accelerated by the Covid-19 situation,” says CEO of SAGA Lasse Horne and continues:

“We aim to have 100,000 digital publications in our catalogue within the next year, and besides expanding our market shares in Denmark we also intend to increase our engagement in our publishing abroad. With time we have a clear ambition to publish more Danish writers all over the world, where we have global distribution contracts and can reach several hundred million readers.”