Lindhardt og Ringhof in cooperation with startup-company


Lindhardt og Ringhof is creating a new site with e-books for high schools in cooperation with LIX, a company started only two months ago.

Photo: Martin Bubandt

Lindhardt og Ringhof is cooperating with the company LIX, which is only two months old. LIX has developed a special platform for digital publishing that will be the new base of the existing site for high schools,

- LIX’ platform is standing out. The beta version is so well developed that we can almost use it as it is. Of course, it’s a giant leap and a big declaration of trust from us, because we are used to work with the big players, says Jan Krogh Larsen, Publishing Manager at Lindhardt og Ringhof.

Not making money – yet
LIX is not generating profits yet, but in the long term, LIX should create profits, when private users subscribe to a monthly fee of DKK 29. Students will not pay for use of the website.

To Lindhardt og Ringhof, the important thing about the LIX platform is the intelligent search feature. This allows the students to interact with teachers and provides a special solution to offline contents.Earlier this was a crucial point in similar platforms – that the content offline is protected against pirate copying.

- If LIX succeeds with the offline solution, it will have something special which will result in big offers from large publishers abroad, says Jan Krogh Larsen.

The people behind LIX are thrilled about the cooperation with Lindhardt og Ringhof.

- It is crazy that such a big publisher in an established and traditional business chooses a brand new company like us, says Kasper Krog to the business newspaper Børsen.

Kasper Krogh has, together with 23-year-old Camilla Hessellund Lastein, developed LIX.