KLOVN FOREVER sold to the US


US film distributor Drafthouse Films was in charge of the distribution of both the first Klovn movie and the preceding TV series in the US. The distributor has now bought the distribution rights for KLOVN FOREVER, which will receive its premiere in US theatres and on US streaming services in 2016.

Just before the next chapter in the peculiar tale of Casper and Frank receives its Danish premiere, we can unveil some big news: KLOVN FOREVER has been sold to the US. Film distributor Drafthouse Films has been charged with distributing the movie to both US theatres and various streaming services next year.

Drafthouse Films also distributed the first Klovn movie and the preceding TV series. The company's Chief Operating Officer James Emanuel Shapiro is a huge fan of the Danish duo:

”We want to be part of the Klovn venture together with Frank and Casper for as long as they continue making movies. It is without a doubt some of the funniest movies ever made, and we are proud of being able to share them with our audiences."

Mr Shapiro is far from the only Klovn fan in Hollywood. Sacha Baron Cohen – better known as Borat, Ali G and Bruno – has said that Klovn is his most favourite comedy of all, and producer Todd Phillips, who is behind The Hangover, Starsky & Hutch and Road Trip, has been asked to produce an American version of Klovn starring Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down) in the lead role.

The story
It has been five years since last time, and Casper and Frank are at a crossroads. Which direction will they choose? And, at the end of the day, what do they actually mean to each other? Their friendship is put to the ultimate test and in the process, Casper and Frank face the greatest challenges of their lives – both in the safe comfort of their home in Denmark and across the Atlantic in the City of Dreams, Los Angeles. This is where Casper goes to pursue his career, but in order to save their friendship, Frank follows him...Ultimately, the two friends are forced to ask themselves the questions: Is there any such thing as "friends forever"? And what is worthy of revenge, and what things should you forgive in life? One thing is certain... Things are about to get serious!