IT giant does like Alinea


American Intel has alongside Alinea – Denmark’s largest schoolbook publisher owned by Egmont - invested in WriteReader, the company behind the successful app Write and Read – a literacy learning platform.

Over the course of four months, from August to December this year, Danish WriteReader is participating in a development program as the only non-American company. WriteReader will - supported by  Intel Education and Intel Capital - be developing the Write and Read app for the American market. They will be aided by Intel’s network of 300 million students and 15 million teachers across 100 countries.

In January Alinea, Denmark’s’ largest developer and publisher of teaching aids for primary school, entered into a collaboration with WriteReader in order to spread the tool through Alinea’s school network.
”To get through the eye of the needle in Intel’s development program is an accomplishment in itself. And it is a unique opportunity to develop WriteReader even faster – also in terms of the American market. We really look forward to participating in the company’s further development,” says Alinea’s hear of publishing, Cliff Hansen.
”Investing in WriteReader around New Year, we assessed the company to have unique competences and ideas which in a short while had created a particularly good digital learning tool, Write and Read. And we  also saw the potential in WriteReader for much more.”
A Swedish study shows good results
The potential of WriteReader is well founded. A recent Swedish not yet published study covers 500 third grade students working on tablets after a new learning method. The study is made by the Swedish council in Sollentuna by Stockholm and it shows that after having taught the third graders for four years the students working with the new method – ’write to learn’ - did 20 percent better than the other students in Swedish and Math.

The council started out in 2011 by exchanging paper with tablets and teaching the students according the to ’write to learn’ concept where the students among other things write in particular programs similar to GoogleDocs, open to both students and teachers. 
Write and Read was the bestselling teaching app in the Danish AppStore in 2013 and in 2014 a new version targeted for school use was launched. The app has more than 50,000 users and has already been sold to more than 30 countries.

Write and Read has been developed by  Janus Madsen, who has more than 15 years of experience from the classroom, in close collaboration with researchers from DPU (Danish School of Education) among them  PhD, professor Jeppe Bundsgaard. Another co-founder, Babar Baig, previously had a position as marketing consultant in Kids Media Digital within Egmont.