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Statement for the UK Modern Slavery Act

The Egmont Group has commercial activities in the UK and an annual global net turnover of more than GBP 36m and is thus obliged to prepare a statement for the UK Modern Slavery Ac

This statement presents the steps Egmont has taken across the Group to ensure that modern slavery does not take place in any part of Egmont’s business or supply chain. This statement relates to the fiscal year 2017.

Egmont was founded in 1878 and is a commercial foundation. Egmont is a leading media group in the Nordic countries with activities in more than 30 countries and has 6,600 employees*. Egmont’s media world spans four divisions: Nordisk Film, TV 2 Norway, Egmont Publishing, and Books. The strategy Grow with the Modern Consumer sets Egmont’s strategic direction towards 2020 and entails investments in digital growth and new tech-based businesses. The annual profit is invested in business development and support for vulnerable children and young people through the Funding and Grant Administration.

Egmont does not accept any form of modern slavery in Egmont nor in the supply chain. Egmont has policies and programmes in place to prevent the occurrence of modern slavery. Business partners are required to sign Egmont’s Code of Conduct (CoC) and Egmont requires manufacturers to ensure that subcontractors are aware of and comply with Egmont’s CoC.

The CoC together with the Egmont Social Compliance Programme operationalizes Egmont’s efforts against modern slavery. The Egmont Social Programme requires social audits at third party first-tier/core manufacturers based on the country risk group and sector. Egmont operates with three risk groups:

  • Group 1: Suppliers are audited every 12 months
  • Group 2: Suppliers are audited every 12-24 months
  • Group 3: Suppliers are audited ad hoc

If Egmont experiences or is made aware of an instance of modern slavery in its supply chain, it has procedures in place to take appropriate action.

*Number of employees in wholly owned and partly owned companies, controlled by Egmont, paid by the month.