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Anti-corruption and whistleblowing

It is Egmont’s policy to conduct business without the use of corruption and bribery

  • Photo: Martin Bubandt

    Photo: Martin Bubandt

Anti-corruption training and policy in Egmont

Corruption and bribery are criminal offences that expose Egmont and Egmont’s employees to the risk of legal proceedings, fines and jail, and may jeopardize Egmont’s reputation. To ensure that Egmont’s employees are prepared to handle delicate situations, all new employees must complete an e-learning module. The module introduces Egmont’s employees to typical situations they can be exposed to and trains them in the appropriate ways to handle such situations.

Failure to comply with Egmont’s policy on anti-corruption will be seen as a serious violation and may have disciplinary or judicial consequences. 

Read more about Egmont guidelines for anti-corruption and bribery here

Whistleblowing policy in Egmont

Egmont has a whistleblowing policy. Internal and external stakeholders can report what they perceive as employee/business partner behaviour that violates the rules. Reported cases are evaluated by a central unit at Egmont. Please use the box to the right to access the whistleblowing system.

You can read more about the whistleblowing policy here.

In 2018, one filing was submitted in the whistleblowing system.