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Zentropa establishes fund in support of elite movie making

Zentropa has launched the "Brilleabe" fund (as in "four eyes" fund), a fund intended to secure the existence of elite movie-making in a world of increasingly revenue-fixated TV stations and film companies.

The fund makes an annual award of DKK 6 million in contributed capital to
Danish filmmakers. Awards are made at the sole discretion of film director Lars von Trier and go to films that explore the idiom and/or content of the film medium.

The first project to receive support from the fund is Anders Klarlund's feature film "Memories", a violent, erotic and chilling movie about a woman's recollection
of the events that led to her waking up, completely battered, in hospital. "Memories" will consist of nothing but still-pictures. Shooting is slated to start in summer 2008, and the movie is expected to premiere in 2009.