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Watch out for Magica de Spell

A special-edition Donald Duck booklet is created to educate Norwegian children in day care about internet safety.

Donald Duck has a profile on Duckbook. Magica de Spell has a profile too, but poses as Daisy Duck. This way she tricks Donald Duck to tell her the password for Scrooge McDuck's money bin.

The story about Donald Duck’s experiences on social media is available in the booklet that is send out to all day cares in Norway. The story of the booklet, internet advices and theme exercises are meant to educate children about safe use of the internet.

Laptops, tablets and online game- and movie-services are a natural part of children’s everyday life. There exists in other words a need to learn children about safe usage. Together with the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education among others, Egmont therefore wishes to reach parents and children that from an early age become acquainted with the internet and the digitale world.

The hope is that the booklet concludes in discussion about safe internet usage between parents, children, day care and youngest school classes.

Otherwise, the children might end up in the same situation as Donald Duck with the real life Magica de Spell skulking around the corner.