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Unique web-TV-stunt: See Norway from the skies

This summer TV 2 Norway invites their viewers on a unique journey. The means of transportation is a helicopter that will fly over the beautiful country for three weeks. A camera is fastened on the bottom and can be controlled by the viewers.

  • Foto: Espen Solli/TV 2

    Foto: Espen Solli/TV 2

"The largest web-TV-project ever". This is how news- and sports editor in TV 2 Norway, Jan Ove Raster, describes the TV-project Fly med oss (Fly with us). The helicopter will take off May 18 from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, and return three weeks later after visiting all active airports in the country. The helicopter is special-equipped and loaded with advanced technology.

"For weeks we will broadcast 5-6 hours a day. As far as I know, there has not been anything like this before. The viewers can actually control the camera online. It will be an amazing user experience", says Jan Ove Årsæther.

Arne Hjeltnes, whom the Norwegians know from the travel program Gutta på tur, will be the viewer's travel partner, and he is looking forward to share these experiences with the Norwegian people.

"We live in an exceptionally beautiful country. When the trip begins, everything blossoms and the mountain tops are white. This is not just something the Norwegians can enjoy – it is going to be an unique advertisement for the country. Besides showing the country from the sky, we will also visit people and eat local dishes", says Hjeltnes.

You can follow the journey on TV 2's website, tv2.no, and on TV 2 Norway Monday-Thursday 10.40 pm. and Sunday 9.40 pm. TV 2 believes that Fly med oss has potential viewers outside Norway.

"It is going to be one of the most fun projects we have ever made. We don't know exactly what we are getting ourselves into, but we think it will be extremely good TV. Pictures of the Norwegian summer landscape and people greeting the helicopter seem surreal. It will be shared around the globe", says Jan Ove Årsæther