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Tommy Melle retires – Frank Knau takes over

Tommy Melle (62) has decided to retire from the position as managing director of the Kids & Teens division in Egmont from 1 January 2009 after more than 20 years in the company.

Tommy Melles career in Egmont began in 1988 with a position as managing director of Serieforlaget AS in Norway – a position he still holds and will hold till he retires.

Frank Knau is new manager of the Egmont Kids & Teens division in addition to his position as manager of the Egmont International division. He thereby manages approximately one third of the total revenue in Egmont which was last year 1,492 million EUR.

"Tommy Melle is 62 years old, so his retirement is expected both internally and among business partners. To secure a smooth transition and transfer of long term business relations Frank Knau and Tommy Melle will be working closely together the next 5-6 months, and Tommy Melle will also be available for Frank Knau during 2009," says Egmont President and CEO Steffen Kragh.

Merger between Egmont Kids & Teens and Egmont International
Over a period of months the two divisions will merge into one division with Frank Knau as managing director. The aim is to make the divisions work even closer together and take advantage of synergies.

"The divisions have the same focus areas and licenses and are already today working closely together and we expect to take even more advantage of the synergies. The aim is to exploit the synergies as much as possible," says Steffen Kragh.

All though Tommy Melles retirement is planned, he leaves with mixed feelings.

"I leave a job I have loved for years. At the same time I am looking forward to a new life with new adventures ahead. I am leaving with a good feeling for the future of the division. With Frank Knau taking over, it will be in the hands of an experienced, highly professional manager and a good friend for many years," he says.

Frank Knau looks forward to the challenge.

"I am looking forward to taking over a well established division and to make the best out of both Egmont Kids & Teens and Egmont International divisions".

A new managing director for Egmont Serieforlaget in Norway will be appointed in due time. Tommy Melle will keep his positions as member of several boards until further notice.