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The year in review Lindhardt & Ringhof

Lindhardt & Ringhof the year 2010.

2010 saw digital experiments and alternative marketing initiatives for Lindhardt og Ringhof, which can look back at a year whose highlights included a children's title topping an app store list, a physical pop-up shop focusing on a single book only and book clubs that reversed the negative development trend. You can read more about this elsewhere in this issue of Hardcopy.
Lindhardt og Ringhof established Alinea Akademi, a continuing education initiative providing professional development courses for teachers. The first courses were held in December, and those planned for the next two years are hoped to generate several million kroner in revenue.

The Danish publishing industry is changing shape radically, creating new business conditions for Lindhardt og Ringhof. Both the liberalisation of the book market and increasing digitalisation are pressuring the company's traditional publishing activities. Free book prices will further restrict the sales price of any given title.

As bestsellers will account for an ever-growing percentage of book sales in Denmark, in 2011 Lindhardt og Ringhof will intensify its focus on a smaller range of titles. This strategy will enable the company to offer authors a 360-degree service pack and forge closer relationships with them.

Lars Boesgaard will steer Lindhardt og Ringhof into its future, as Anette Wad resigned in 2011 after 11 years as managing director of Lindhardt og Ringhof and the former Aschehoug. Lars Boesgaard takes up his new position at Egmont on 1 April.