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The year in review Egmont Nordisk Film

Allan Hansen, Executive Vice President, Egmont Nordisk Film about the year 2010.

How would you describe 2010?

The year focused to a great extent on implementing our 'walk the talk' strategy. After a period of transformation and focus on stabilising our business, we could start looking ahead and channelling our energy into new initiatives aimed to generate profitable growth. We turned our full attention on our goals, and all staff have worked ambitiously to attain them. I am pleased to be able to say that our efforts have paid off.

What was you greatest challenge in 2010?

2010 was another year entailing a struggle to meet film production budgets. Despite the poor odds, we nonetheless managed to produce several solid successes such as The Olsen Gang Gets Polished, In a Better World and Klovn – The Movie.

What are your expectations for 2011?

First and foremost I expect another year of profit. The outlook for films, games and cinemas is promising, provided we can also reduce the risks existing in the other business areas, which are financially hard pressed. In 2011 we must consolidate our digital strategy in our existing business and in new initiatives. To this end, we have launched a project that will give us more insight into consumer behaviour and thus give us an edge in the competition for consumers' time. We also have a wide range of development projects and new initiatives on the drawing board, which I am looking forward to telling you about a little later in the year.