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The year in review Egmont Magazines

Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, Executive Vice President of Egmont Magazines about the year 2010.

How would you describe 2010?

2010 brought many positive developments. Our focus was on reaping the benefits of the restructuring initiatives implemented earlier and we have finally recorded improvements in the advertising market. Establishing a new digital strategy was another focus for the year, with the arrival of iPad becoming the news event that swept the entire media industry. It is gratifying to see digital revenue on the increase, so we can now start generating significant revenue in new areas, e-commerce, for instance. We have also achieved good results in Denmark and Norway, and in Sweden we have initiated a number of structural changes that give us cause for optimism here as we enter a new year. I personally believe that establishing a proper divisional management was a crucial step towards ensuring closer cooperation throughout the division. I am also pleased that the close collaboration between various countries' editorial offices means our cross-border magazine launches are already in full swing.

What was your greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge by far and away was the general decline of 5-7 % in the weeklies market. The unrelenting pressure on circulation meant – and still means – we constantly had to find ways of streamlining the business and thus carving space to develop new products. We also have to forge new types of relations with customers via our strong brand names.

What are your expectations 2011?

Our competitors will constantly push our market positions just as we challenge theirs. Whether or not we are challenged, quality content will always be our bedrock. After several sluggish years, we must expect more print launches in the short term, and we must be prepared to defend and to challenge. I foresee that 2011 will be the year in which we truly lay the cornerstones for selected verticals in Norway, in other words, whole topic areas that we want to 'own' on multiple media platforms. I also anticipate that 2011 will bring us significant experience with iPad and a clearer picture of its business potential