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The year in review Egmont Kids Media

Frank Knau, Executive Vice President Egmont Kids Media about the year 2010.

How would you describe 2010?

2010 was quite a good year, even though we were affected by the global financial crisis and the initial shift from print to digital media. Kids Media managed the challenges well by tight cost management and a satisfactory development of our core portfolio books and magazines as well as investments in new launches and digital offerings such as 3til7.no.

Whar was your greatest challenge?

The Nordic countries were in a turnaround process last year. A trimming and standardization of the portfolio as well as a focus on improving transparency and processes have delivered healthy results. Serieforlaget in Denmark has a first time profit in five years. Unfortunately, these changes meant some organizational adjustments. Many teams had to be downsized and the office in Tampere was consoli-dated in Helsinki. I wish the best for the future, for those that had to leave us, and I congratulate all the Nordic teams that have done a tremendously big effort in challenging times.

What are your expectations for2011?

In 2011, we will grow our business in the English Language Areas, in China and in Eastern Europe. We will focus on attracting, retaining and exploiting the right rights and we will revitalize our portfolio and invest in new rights in order to strengthen our markets. And with our new digital manager, we will take advantage of our knowledge about children's online behavior, and we will learn about and experiment with new digital initiatives and business models.