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The Norwegian men’s magazine MANN is ready to launch iPad edition

"Magazine 'older brother', Vi Menn, aside, MANN has reigned the Norwegian men's marked the longest, and as the innovative teenager we are, it was obvious that we should be first on the marked with our own version for tablet," says editor Knut Christian Moeng.

The special edition gives both new and old friends of MANN a better and different experience of the magazine. The main theme for the edition is "guys trip out". What is happening in Berlin? What do you have to buy in New York? Which ski runs in the Alps are the best? What is the ultimate guys trip? And what Caribbean island should you chose if you are going on a romantic getaway with the lady?

"We have exploited a lot of the opportunities that are available on the new platform, and the readers will get a completely new visual reality. On iPad you get the pictures, you get the audio, and you get the possibility to organize your own layout, for example by closely study the details in your own gallery," says Moeng.

"Women are a natural part of MANN's universe, and in our first iPad edition we have searched the archives and found the 10 ultimate MANN-ladies," says Moeng.

'"Women's pictures in MANN have never been of the most daring kind, but you can never know what Apple thinks of them. As I principle it is intolerably that Steve Jobs and co can edit our content. This is an issue that no editor will accept in the long run, show some noisy debates from Danish and German press. Now we hope that Apple will be charmed by the feminine Norwegian beauty, gives us the "Approved"-stamp and lets Norwegian men have their first online magazine," Moeng says.

"MANN on iPad is the second online magazine from Hjemmet Mortensen," says Axel Valø, editor-in-chief of the man portfolio, and continues:

"Earlier this year we launched the iPad magazine Bonytt Bad, which went straight to the top in App Store and so far has been downloaded 1500 times. This is a new and exciting area, and we will present more launches in the new year."

MANN's first iPad edition is 120 pages and will cost 49 Norwegian Kroner (about 6 Euros).