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TV2s Artist Gala

«TV2s Artist Gala» is a fund-raising event, inviting artists, actors, TV hosts, politicians and others to contribute in a live broadcast show on TV2.

Some of our guests have travelled the world to see for themselves how the funds are being put to good use, visiting sponsored children and their families, creating many unforgettable moments throughout the history of the “Artist Gala”. Several other guests man the celebrity phone panel, where viewers call in to make a donation to the selected cause of the evening. In addition, artists give musical performances during the live tv-show.


Since first airing the show in 2005, TV2 has aired 14 “Artist Galas”. Over the last years the show has turned into a biannual event, airing every April and December. “TV2s Artist Gala” encourages the viewers to contribute, raising significant funds a large number of sponsors for organizations such as the “Norwegian Refugee Council” (Flykningehjelpen),  the “Red Cross” (Røde kors), “Plan Norway” (Plan Norge) and “Doctors without borders" (Leger uten grenser). The contributions from the Artist Gala have broken records in raising funds and sponsors many times over.


The “Artist Gala” has become an important part of TV2s identity, challenging the network as well as our viewers to engage and look beyond ourselves and help make a better life for others.